Introduction to your divine creative mentoring...


We should've had a chat already, before you signed up - but in case we missed that step, do contact me as soon as is convenient on [email protected] or via my website - we'll set the dates and make sure that you have all the relevant contacts to stay in touch throughout the month.

This is your sacred space that I will help hold, where we'll bring your creative vitality into alignment.

Here's an outline of some of the areas that we might be covering in this engagement:

· the simplest steps to deeper discipline & fulfilment 

· find your taproot, open up to higher creative flow

· thrive through your skills, confidence, uniqueness

· stop habits & blocks from keeping you small

· step up into your dream work space - occupy it

· gain super clarity of purpose and vision

·  find your place in the world, effortlessly

This kind of bespoke mentoring requires mutual trust and commitment: we both need to be punctual, absolutely respectful of each others' time and energy, and to be fully present during all our communications.

Below are some sample documents, to guide us in terms of boundaries: we can adapt these to your needs. Your signing up with the Teachable platform is a binding agreement to adhere to our mutual best practise, but these are an optional additional reassurance.

There are also a pre-engagement form and a feedback form below - these are to help you both in getting clear about what you most want from this mentoring, and to give me feedback as to what really worked for you (or not!). Neither are compulsory, but both are there to serve you and help develop this programme to be as deeply fulfilling for clients as is divinely possible! :-)

Also, as my mentorship client, you have the option of enrolling in The School Of Real Art flagship course: it has a wealth of inspiration and challenges, to stimulate your creative journey - just let me know if you'd like to be added to the course: read more about it here.

*Please note that your actual invoice will come via this platform that we're on - Teachable, as you pay them, then they pay me.*

I very much look forward to engaging with you!